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IPcoax CEB 422
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HPNA Device Manager BONUS

- Managing HPNA in-home networks for Triple-Play
Manage ITU G.9954 Enterprise networks
IP Video Security
- Building Automation
- Perimeter Security
- Transportation Systems
- IP Factory Floor


BONUS provides network administrators and technicians a powerful means of interrogating and testing HPNA and G.9954 devices. This PC-based software package connects to RHINOs and IPcoax devices via an Ethernet port. The BONUS graphical user interface is easy to use and the testing methods are intuitive.

BONUS Features
- Network Discovery - BONUS finds all HPNA/G.9954 devices connected to the device under test and displays settings and capabilities
- Retrieve details of devices such as software version
- Upgrade firmware in Readylinks IPcoax units such as 411-L and 422-M
as well as legacy products SEB-401 and CEB-402
- Signal to Noise Ratio testing and reporting for all connections
- Point to Point Certification testing with detailed performance reporting
- Packet Error Rate testing and reporting
- Transmit and Receive power level reporting
- Real-time testing data over a user defined interval
- Reset HPNA/G.9954 devices remotely
- Store log reports for retrieval later

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