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IPC-1840T G.now Gigabit IP over Phone Line Layer 2+ Managed Switch
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The ReadyLinks IPC1840T utilizes G.now to deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds across phoneline and twisted pair cables at a fully managed layer 2+ level. Utilize this product to automate the process of creating Gigabit enabled buildings.

Contact sales@ready-links.com to learn more about the Gigabit over Coax and phoneline automation process and get access to the latest high-bandwidth content such as 4K/UHD streaming, HDTV, online gaming, and cloud based resources in a fraction of the time.

1840T: The Ideal Solution for Utilizing Existing Wiring In Any MDU


- Delivers up to 1 Gbps IP over twisted pair/phone line
- Dynamic VLAN assignment
- IP-based IPTV, Internet, VoIP over home phone line infrastructure
Extends FTTH data speed into home using existing home wiring
- Secure encrypted communication


Physical Features

  • 8 phone line ports
  • 2 removeable phone line cards (4 RJ-45/RJ-11 ports per card)
  • 2 dual fiber WAN ports
  • 1 dual fiber WAN monitoring port
  • Power Switch
  • 2 fans
Rapid One Step Provisioning, Multiple Management Options
- Easy Plug and Play installation
- Remote management of client units reduces truck rolls
- Graphical User Interface shows status of all master and client along with network performance statistics.

Flexible Method for Service Delivery
The IPC-1840T provides any MDU deployment with the most cost effective and reliable solution for providing 1 Gbps over existing wiring. It contains two removeable line cards which allows the customer to swap out modules without service interuption and nearly eliminating repair time.

As simple as installing an ethernet switch with the ability to convert coax to Gigabit Ethernet.

IPC-1840T: The Ideal Solution for Utilizing Existing Wiring In Any MDU

- Instant IPTV access to any phone line outlet without rewiring
- Fast, secure and reliable solution reduces installation time
- Dynamic bandwidth allocation optimizes throughput based on activity
- Quality of Service and VLAN termination and tagging
- Extends fiber optic data speed onto existing home wiring
- Compatible with existing RF off-air and CATV based systems
- Compatible with home entertainment systems such as Windows Media Center and Windows Media Center Extender

  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Security Cameras
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Industrial Analog to Digital upgrades
  • Hospitals

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