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IP Video Surveillance


Using ReadyLinks for Connecting IP Video Devices
ReadyLinks IP Video Surveillance solution is cutting edge and the optimal solution for deploying a cost effective and extremely robust surveillance network in a short amount of time. This is accomplished by enabling Gigabit Ethernet circuits over coax or twisted pair cabling that was used for analog video cameras and other legacy devices. ReadyLinks utilizes G.hn and G.now protocol to provide Gigabit Ethernet circuits over wiring infastructure that is already in place.

ReadyLinks IP Video Deployments over Existing Coax
The existing Analog Video Cameras are disconnected from the existing coax cables. The Client IPC-841C is connected to existing Coax and the IP Video Camera is plugged into the IPC-841C Ethernet Port. Both units are powered from the 12VDC that powered the analog camera. The IPC-841Cs are directly connected to an IPcoax 1840C. Each IPC1840C will enable 64 coax drops to become gigabit ethernet and managed at the layer 2+ ethernet level.

IP Video using a Hardened Gigabit Ethernet Ring
ReadyLinks provides a solution for IP Ethernet aggregation - the IPcoax 1840C. The IPcoax 1840C is an 8 port coax Ethernet switch. Each port supports a 1 Gbps data stream with dynamic bandwidth allocation. This is the ideal bandwidth for IP Video camera transport. The 8 coax ports are aggregated onto Gigabit Ethernet optical ports that can be configured in Point to Point, Chained and Ring configurations.

All ReadyLinks Gigabit Ethernet based products can be connected together to form extremely cost effective networks and are open standards based.


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